4 Best Graphic Design Software Today

Whether you want to create excellent multimedia content or an advertisement, you need good graphic design software. This software makes the tasks of a graphic designer much easier.

Over the years, this software has evolved to be more sophisticated, addressing the needs of graphic designers today. You will learn about some of the best graphic design software available in the market.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator - 4 Best Graphic Design Software Today

If you do vector editing, then this is the best graphic design software. It works in both Windows and macOS. It has an industry-standard toolset, AI features, and more. The software is compatible with various devices and helps you to create logos, illustrations, and more. You will get free updates automatically once you install it.

Affinity Designer

This software is suitable for both Windows and macOS platforms. As it doesn’t have any subscription fee, you get great value for money when you buy the software.

It has a lot of features that are available in Illustrator, but you get them at a low price.

You also get tools that are not available in Illustrator, which are very useful for graphic designers today. It works with both PSD and AI files, so file compatibility is not an issue and runs faster than Illustrator.


Sketch - 4 Best Graphic Design Software Today

This is one of the best software for creating icons and user interfaces. It works on macOS only. The software is easy to learn. For UI design, making icons, or prototyping, this is the ideal software. It has a minimal interface and is rich in features plugins. The graphic designers can view and measure the sketch designs in any browser for free.

Gravit Designer

This is the best vector editor available today that works for Windows, Linux, macOS, and ChromeOS. It has a good selection of tools and works well with AI and Sketch files. It has an intuitive interface that can work with most design works.

You can make icons, vector illustrations, animation, and prototyping with it. You can also export files as PDF, bitmap, or SVG. It has a free version, but to get the advanced features, you need to pay.

You can buy this software online or from any computer store. Make sure you buy something compatible with your operating system and device so that you can make the best use of it.