Tips For Designing Wedding Invitations

When you want to invite your family and friends to a wedding, you need to do it in style. You will find thousands of wedding invitations in the market. They come in different sizes, colours, and styles.

However, if you want your wedding invitation to be unique, then you should customize your card by hiring a good graphic designer. Here are some tips on how to design a beautiful wedding invitation card.


Font - Tips For Designing Wedding Invitations

The font that you choose must be stylish, at the same time, readable. You will notice that some of the fonts used in today’s wedding invitation cards are so curved or small that they are difficult to read.

The information that you put in the card is important for the guests as it includes the date, time, and place of the occasion. So, you need to choose a font that is clear and comfortable to read.

It is better to stick to timeless designs.

Shape and size

It is better to choose the traditional size of the invitation card rather than the modern shapes like circular or triangular. Avoid bulky shape as it will cost extra to post or carry. As you will have to send invitation cards to several people, going with the standard size will save you money.

Colours and patterns

The colour you choose must match your font. You should have contrast, like dark colour font against a light background. This way, the guests can read the details printed on the card easily.


You can either go for the traditional style or choose a modern one. It should have the glamorous appeal that will create the vibe for the wedding. You can look into wedding magazines and blogs for inspiration. The graphic designer you hire may also give you good ideas on graphic design.

You should start designing the wedding card early. Lots of work need to be done, and it will take time. You need to sit with the graphic designer and share your budget information so that the designer can pick the right kind of card for you.