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Graphic design is a vast topic. Over the years, technology has developed and improved the field of graphic design considerably. The tools and software that were used 10 years back aren’t available anymore. This market is constantly changing.

To keep pace with these changes, graphic designers today need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and news. This magazine is a great resource for graphic designers today, and they will learn more about graphic design.

We are planning to include new writers in our team to add different ideas and perspectives to the magazine. If you are a graphic designer, then you can share valuable information with our readers. By writing for us, you can boost your profile as a good writer in the niche.

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We expect you to write a 100% plagiarism-free article. The articles must be well structured and written in a conversational tone. Though the primary readers are graphic designers, people having a minimum idea about the topic will also read the article. So, you must avoid using jargon.

The articles must be 500 to 800 words long. You should include any relevant statistics, images, and other information along with the article. Make sure to include the source of your information. Before writing the articles, you should research well on the topic so that you can include something new which will be of interest to the readers.

You can go through our archive to ensure that no particular article topic is repeated. The articles must be proofread to get rid of any grammatical or typing errors. After submission, our team will review the articles and provide feedback.

You may need to make corrections to your articles accordingly. Once your articles are published, they will remain in our archive for a long time. We will also share it on our social media pages so that more readers can read your article. We hope to hear from you soon.